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*4 Controllers, 2 Monitors required

Are you a sly saboteur, seeking to steal some secrets? Or are you a stoic sentinel, set on security?

Equinox: Security breach is a 2v2 asymmetric action game where you either play as a stealthy infiltrator who needs to get in and out as fast as possible, or an armed defender who needs to stop the attackers at all costs.

This game was the final project by Badger Labs for EECS 494 - Game Development at the University of Michigan. This project was an 8-week march to develop a game from the ground up and showcase it publicly at the end of the semester.

Badger Labs consisted of:

  • Max Perraut
  • Austin Riopelle
  • Jacob Smellie
  • Rob Swor

Install instructions

Extract the contents of the zip file to the same folder. Ensure that when you play the game, you have two monitors (preferably set up so that the two players on one monitor can't see the other) and four controllers, preferably Xbox 360/One controllers.


Equinox 45 MB

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